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Dec. 14th, 2032 | 09:10 pm

Dresses/ Jumperskirts               Skirts

Salopettes                        Yukata

Tops                            Outerwear

Hair Accessories                   Accessories

Purses                           Socks

Shoes                           Novelties

Others                           Hats

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Kitty Carousel Accessories Image Gallery

Oct. 21st, 2031 | 01:11 pm

***If you have purchased wrist cuffs, or other handmade accessories from us, we would love to see pictures of them worn. Feel free to send us pictures and we will include them in this gallery. Thanks!****

worn images of wrist cuffs and other handmade accessoriesCollapse )

Sold wrist cuffs and other handmade accessories

Dec. 21st, 2010 | 02:36 pm

Sold Wrist Cuffs, and other accessoriesCollapse )